Explainer videos and product videos

Well-made explainer videos and product videos simplify complex content and get to the point. Videos are therefore an ideal building block for well thought-out online communication. Due to the steadily increasing use of mobile devices, it is becoming more and more important to convey information in a limited space in a concise manner. With text alone, this is often difficult for products and services that require explanation, since the willingness to read longer texts on a cell phone or tablet decreases significantly. With explanatory videos and product videos, you convey the necessary information to your target group in such a way that it generates a real benefit, is perceived positively and is remembered for a long time.
Use your new explanatory video or product video on your website, at the trade fair, in customer discussions, on social media.

5 reasons

5 reasons why you should shoot your video with us:


because YouTube is the second most important search engine and your customers are looking for you there


because with multilingual product or explanatory videos you have the perfect sales support


because we are not only filmmakers, but also industry experts


because with us you get video, sound, animation and photos from a single source


because we work with fixed time and budget

Explanatory videos and product videos that show how machines work or software is used and the corporate image film that conveys a lively picture of the company and its employees have become established in B2B marketing.

All purposes have one thing in common: the user wants to understand the information quickly and be able to call it up at any time. Videos in B2B marketing are used on the website, at trade fairs and in social media and are also the perfect support for your sales.

We would be happy to advise you on how to convey your message via video and implement the concept cost-effectively. We bring text, image and sound together and move safely in the right distribution channels. Whether photo, 2D illustration or 3D animation, we combine different formats that explain your products or processes in an understandable way.

Some of our explainer videos and product videos

Vorschau Unternehmensvorstellung MSK Video

Company presentation

Vorschau Erich Jaeger Video

Company video

Vorschau Video technische Ablaeufe

Animation to explain technical processes

Vorschau Technik Erklaervideo

Technical explanatory video with real and animation sequences

Vorschau Fahrzeugschutzloesungen

Combined 3D and 2D animation video to explain vehicle protection solutions

Vorschau Videodokumentation

Video documentation of the 6th DGQ Quality Day

Vorschau Produktdemo

Laetus Series 1000 Compact product demo

Vorschau Produktvideo

Laetus Series 1000 Compact product video

Vorschau Produktvorstellung

Product presentations during operation 2

Vorschau Makro-Produktfotos Video

Creation of a macro product photo

Vorschau Personalsuche Video


Vorschau Video Wasserstrahlschneidetechnik

Testimonial for the use of water jet cutting technology in fish filleting systems (recorded in Reykjavik)

Vorschau Video Leistungsvergleich

Animation comparing the performance of two device configurations

Vorschau Video Testimonial

Testimonial video with system documentation and interviews

Vorschau Video Dokumentation

Workflow documentation for training applications

Vorschau Video Tintenkonfektionierung

Documentation: Ink packaging for the pharmaceutical industry

Vorschau Video Glastueren

Documentation 1 of the installation of heavy-duty glass doors

Vorschau Video Glastueren 2

Documentation 2 of the installation of heavy-duty glass doors

Vorschau Imagevideo

Image video

Our service overview:

  • Classic film recordings
  • Documentation with ambient tone
  • Animated photos
  • Product videos with computer-controlled 3D camera crane
  • Interviews on site or in the studio
  • Animation 2D / explanatory video
  • Animation 3D
  • Drone shots – the view from above
  • Combination of animation and presentation