Set new standards in your communication with our IntraAktiv video presentations

Provide visually impressive, easily understandable and IntraAktiv information

With our new format of the IntraAktiv video presentation, you will inform and inspire your customers at the same time. Innovative online solutions are particularly in demand now, when your sales force cannot visit customers and physical trade fairs do not take place. Classic PowerPoint presentations or slide shows, no matter how well prepared, will rarely appeal to people’s emotions.

With our new presentation format of the IntraAktive presentation, you act within an individual virtual environment and present your products or services. By integrating animated graphics, videos, photos or 3D data, you can interact with all content in an exciting way: Business graphics build up with a wave of the hand, videos appear out of nowhere, backgrounds change or you explain your products by interacting with them.

More than 1,300 views on Youtube for an economic and capital market forecast? Yes, that is possible.

For the first time, chief economist Dr. Gertrud Traud presents the economic and capital market outlook “Markets and Trends 2021” for Helaba, Frankfurt in our new intraactive format. In a specially created virtual room, she interacts with data that we have animated to match her presentation. The video background adapts to the three scenarios presented, Nanny, Avatar and Poltergeist, depending on the situation.

For us, this is the new way to transport content in an exciting, informative, inspiring and IntraAktiv way in times of cancelled trade fairs and events.

IntraAktiv: inform | explain | inspire

We are working on the future of your communication. In search of exciting forms of presentation, we are always developing new solutions.
The IntraAktive presentation lives from your interaction with animated content in a virtual space. Perfect conditions with almost limitless possibilities for a product or image video on your website, your social media channels or for your next virtual trade fair.

awikom for your new IntraAktiv video presentation

  • Detailed advice
  • Concept and visualization of the idea
  • Content / text
  • Video production
  • Green screen
  • Photography, CGI
  • Virtual platform
  • Social media
  • SEO, SEA
  • Landing page for integration on your website

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