Corporate Design
Recognizability for strong brands

Distinctive corporate design strengthens the recognition of your brand and gives your company an authentic face in communication. Corporate design is more than just a beautiful logo. Concise visuals, clear messages and modern typography shape the visual perception of your brand and thus also the image of your company. In this way, you set yourself apart from your competitors clearly and unmistakably and offer a professional external appearance. Authenticity and high recognizability support your advertising both in print and on your website and in your digital communication.

5 reasons

5 reasons why you can trust our design expertise:


because we have mastered corporate design online and offline


because we create concise visual worlds (corporate photography)


because we can communicate in your corporate language


because we know that good design sells successfully


because we know that first impressions count

Corporate design as an essential part of a successful corporate identity strategy

If you realize that your corporate identity should be redefined or overhauled, we will discuss your goals together in a 3-hour workshop. We define markets and decision-makers. We clarify whether you are looking for a homogeneous appearance nationally or internationally or whether country-specific solutions are required. If the framework and goals are clear, we will develop design solutions for your corporate design within the agreed budget. We pay special attention to a variable use and application of the new templates. Whether in a brochure, on your website, on your social media or in your digital communication, it must always be clear who is sending the message. Your brand will gradually become firmly established in the minds of your customers and prospects.
We offer modern logo design up to a complete corporate design. Fonts and imagery for print and web find a place in the corporate design manual.

Of course, we also work within the framework of international corporate guidelines and implement existing corporate designs precisely and economically according to specifications.

With our understanding of B2B communication and the competence in communication design, the optimal implementation of your brand message succeeds. Your company gets an unmistakable appearance that brings the corporate identity to the point in terms of design.

Corporate design with development for print and online use

  • Print: business stationery, brochures, advertisements, flyers
  • Online: web design, banners, newsletters
  • Trade fairs and exhibitions
  • photography
  • Infographic
  • 2D / 3D illustrations
  • Video
  • Social media

Benefit from a synthesis of aesthetics and content from a single source.