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Professional use of Social Media

As an agency, we offer professional social media marketing for your communication. For B2B companies, the question is no longer: “Should we communicate via social media?” It’s much more: “Which platforms are relevant for us and how do we create the resources to generate relevant content?”

Social media offers companies the chance to get in touch with people and give them a look behind the scenes and provide them with authentic information. An important factor in corporate communication, especially in personnel recruitment (HR).

Communicating via social media channels is now an effective way for companies to get in touch with their stakeholders and share important information.

LinkedIn, X, Instagram, Facebook and Co .: Social media connect people with companies and their brands. Therefore, they are good instruments not only for personal recruiting, but also and when it comes to increasing your own brand awareness and attractiveness. We’ll show you how you can profitably use social media for yourself. We know the platforms and, thanks to our many years of experience in public relations and press work, we know how to communicate credibly in the respective channel. We at awikom would be happy to develop a social media strategy for you and create an editorial plan on this basis. If you wish, we can design and create your social media profiles and provide them with up-to-date content. We are also happy to support you in doing this successfully in-house.

5 reasons

5 reasons why we are the right social media partner for you:


because we write good, exciting posts


because we know what people want to read in a professional environment


because we make social media plannable


because we turn (almost) every snapshot into a meaningful picture


because we let your potential employees look behind the facade

One thing is certain, social media is a competitive factor that should not be underestimated. Even if the GDPR and the judgment of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) on the joint liability of Facebook page operators in the event of any data protection violations have caused great uncertainty. After all, it is not only the better product that sells, but also the “behind the scenes” that must be right. Before starting, however, companies should think about goals and target groups. Mere actionism based on the motto “Being there is everything” does not lead to success.

A survey by the First Working Group on Social Media in B2B Communication among those responsible for communication in B2B companies showed that the use of social media is becoming increasingly professional and is therefore placing ever greater demands on the departments responsible. One of the most common challenges is the lack of suitable human and time resources. For this reason, communications managers are increasingly working with agencies.

Social Media 1 x 1

Mini workshop

Book our mini workshop for concentrated knowledge about social media 1 x 1

We meet virtually or at our place in Lorsch and get started:

  • Analysis of your existing profiles and optimization suggestions (focus: LinkedIn and Xing)
  • How and when is the best way to post?
  • How do I find the right contacts?
  • Do I master the all-important netiquette?
  • How do I create an editorial plan?
  • What individual questions do I currently have?

Invest only 500 euros in your personal training and you are off to a flying start.

An overview of the currently most successful B2B social media channels:


With over 850 million members in more than 200 countries and regions, LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world.

Here you communicate on an equal footing in the business context. The ideal platform to inform customers, to win new customers or to find cooperation partners. And it is indispensable in a career context.


Xing now belongs to New Work SE in Hamburg and is primarily a personal media platform with around 15 million members in the DACH region. The focus here is on the digital CV for the job exchange. It is about professional contacts mainly for media, IT and HR professionals.

YouTube - the video platform as a search engine

The moving image channel YouTube (a Google subsidiary) is increasingly used as a search engine and is suitable, for example through how-to videos, for customer care.

X - the news ticker

The fast information channel for the latest, crisp news and a direct line to the specialist media.

Instagram - the picture gallery

For B2B companies with complex products and very specific target groups, the opportunity to specifically influence their external perception through emotionalisation.

Facebook - the all-rounder

For B2B companies, with a target group mostly beyond the millennials, the platform to show the human behind the company.

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