Reach the right audience with advertising

Successful media planning makes advertising an essential and effective instrument of sales promotion and is therefore crucial for your company’s success. Through targeted advertising both in trade magazines and as banners on relevant portals, you increase the attractiveness and advertising perception of your technical products and services. We advise you on the selection of suitable print and online media.

5 reasons

5 reasons why we are the right partner for your media planning:


because we have close contacts to over 100 trade magazines and online media


because we have known how print and online media work for 20 years


because we offer networked communication through advertisements, banners and social media


because we place your ad strategically and target-group-specifically


because we plan independently, transparently and customer-oriented

At the beginning of every B2B media planning – both print and online – there are some basic questions to deal with: What are the goals of the campaign? Is it to enhance your company’s image, its brand awareness? Or to launch a new product or an entire product group? Perhaps the goal is also to promote a microsite? What does the exact target group look like and who decides on the purchase of your products and services there? After this careful analysis, we develop an optimal media mix of online and print media and put together a tailor-made and cost-effective advertising package for you.

Thanks to our many years of experience in press work, we know the specialist media landscape, which is constantly changing, very well.

The current B2B marketing study by the Vogel Communication Group shows:

Trade media are the top influencers of professional decision-makers in Germany.

Fachzeitschriften, Werbung Print und Online

The right media planning also plays a decisive role in recruiting. Here, too, you can benefit from our knowledge of the media landscape. We design, plan and book your job advertisements in selected print media and online job exchanges.

We work inexpensively and effectively – media planning with awikom!

We will find the perfect solution for you in a personal conversation.

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