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Press work Press work in the form of press releases, technical articles and user articles is an important tool for making your product and service known in the market. The role of the specialist media, digital and print, as multipliers and opinion leaders is undisputed. Decision-makers continue to rely on specialist media as a source of information: traditionally printed and digital. The following applies to both: content is king. Because in the increasingly confusing markets and the explosively rising flood of information, trustworthy sources of information are becoming more and more important. For this reason, trade journals are used to gather information, especially in the pre-sales phase, and are considered to be particularly credible, objective and serious.

5 reasons

5 reasons why you should do press work with us:


because we are experts for technical and user contributions


because we have extensive technical background knowledge


because we work closely with editorial teams


because we have up-to-date press distribution lists and achieve high publication rates


because we recognize trends and put your products in context

High reach and visibility for your press releases with awikom!


We translate complex technical contexts into understandable language . We know the editors in the trade press personally and thanks to our good reputation and the quality of our work, we achieve high publication rates. We create target group-specific trade press distribution lists and organize press conferences. To distribute your press release, we create individual letters to the specialist editor and teaser the content. We provide the complete text and high-resolution images for journalists on our press portal and we also distribute the report on Twitter. After receiving the press release, the specialist editor decides whether to print the story or publish it online. The online publication has a charming additional benefit, it supports your SEO measures significantly. For your successful press work, we offer you professional editing in every medium.

Storytelling – Staying in mind with good stories


Communicating facts and technical details in a way that is easy to understand is one thing; the other is to provide them with emotions and thus make them tangible. The development of a product, for example, remains much better anchored in the memory in the form of a user story “told” by people than a purely technical description. For good reason, storytelling has become an indispensable part of press work and content marketing, also or perhaps especially in the B2B area.

Competent press work as user contribution, technical article, whitepaper or press release.


Targeted press work is a good opportunity, especially for small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), to position themselves ahead of larger competitors by providing content that is perfectly tailored to the user. Readers want content that brings them a concrete benefit by helping them make decisions. Therefore, good content must show solutions, demonstrate market or innovation leadership or make providers comparable. Communicate the technical and economic benefits of your products and services by showing possible solutions.

Editorial offices are increasingly understaffed and therefore editors like to fall back on finished press releases and specialist or user contributions. But only if they meet journalistic quality criteria. The chance of publication increases the better the material is tailored to the requirements of the respective publisher and trade journal.

In a personal conversation we will find the perfect offer for your successful press work.

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