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Do you need professional video production to showcase your products and services in an expressive and easy-to-understand way?

awikom offers you the whole range of convincing video productions: for your products or your service: classic explanatory videos, product videos, video presentations and image videos that are straight to the point, always with the aim of providing entertaining and catchy information.

New types of video production replace classic presentations

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Almost 1,500 views on Youtube for an economic and capital market forecast? Yes, that is possible.

Today more than ever innovative online solutions are in demand. Classic PowerPoint presentations or slide shows, no matter how well prepared they are, rarely speak directly to people’s emotions.

This raises the question: how can you present complex content factually and at the same time address the target group on an emotional level?

We have developed a new presentation format that combines these two communication goals. In this form of video production, you act within an individual virtual environment and present your products or services. By integrating animated graphics, videos, photos or 3D data, you can interact with all content in an exciting way: Business graphics are created with a movement of the hand, videos appear out of nowhere, backgrounds change or you explain your products by talking directly to them in interact.

Would you like to know how your messages can be presented convincingly with innovative video productions?

inform | explain | inspire

We are working on the future of your communication. In search of exciting forms of presentation, we are always developing new solutions.
This form of video production lives from your interaction with animated content in a virtual space. Perfect conditions with almost limitless possibilities for a product or image video on your website, your social media channels or for your next virtual trade fair.

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In a personal conversation, we will show you practical examples and find the perfect solution for you.