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Achieve business success with targeted online marketing! Use our expertise to stay in touch with your customers and make new contacts with affordable communication measures. Visibility is the order of the day: Do you need a modern search engine optimized website (SEO), a professional social media presence, do you want to place advertising (SEA) or do you simply need competent advice? Let’s discuss this together.

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5 reasons

5 reasons why we are your partner for online projects:


because we have experience with online marketing for SMEs


because we offer web design, programming and hosting


because we offer simple solutions for your online communication


because we master onsite and onpage SEO


because with us you get everything from A for Google Ads to Z for target group analysis

Successful online communication: websites, SEO, SEA, banners, newsletters, blogs, social media, virtual trade shows, videos and photos

  1. Search and find
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    Digital assistants such as Alexa (Amazon), Cortana (Microsoft), Google Assistant (Google) or Siri (Apple) are increasingly finding their way into our lives. These systems process questions and commands in naturally spoken language. Today users have the same expectation when searching on the Internet – they are increasingly searching semantically, that is, they ask the search engine in plain text exactly the question that concerns them:

    how (does it work), who (can do it), where (is it available),

    why (is that so), when (does it happen) etc.

    Only those who have answers to such questions and optimize their pages accordingly can count on good placement within the search results in the future.

    Regardless of which search engine the user tries , he is presented with results that appear in the search results pre-filtered according to relevance. He trusts the results that are closest to the answer to his questions and clicks on the “answer”.

    What conclusions can you draw from this behavior so that you get as much right as possible when planning and implementing a modern and user-friendly website?

    The searcher should not be disappointed when visiting your website, landing page or microsite. He will inquire with you if your offer interests him and his purchase expectation is fulfilled.

    You can do this by presenting your products / services as clearly and concisely as possible. So understandable and detailed that search engines and users alike rate your page as relevant. Because while algorithms decide on the ranking of your pages and thus decisively influence their visibility, it is the added value for the user and future customers that keeps them on your website.

  2. Search engine optimization (SEO)
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    You ask yourself questions like: “How do I get more visitors to my site?” Or “Why do I only see the competition in the search results?”. SEO as a service deals with positioning search terms that are relevant to you as high as possible on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Why is this so important? According to statistics, around 30% of all users click on the first result and a total of 70% click on a result on the first search results page. To be able to compete here and play at the top, you need professional measures. We will find the right levers for you and uncover the weak points of your website. Get to know us and our work with the following package:

    SEO check package

    Examined aspects:
    ✓ Page speed
    ✓ Detection of the page structure (URL analysis)
    ✓ Keyword analysis
    ✓ Readability check by Google
    ✓ Checking the Titles & Descriptions
    ✓ HTML tags (especially hX headings)
    ✓ Backlink analysis
    ✓ Control of mobile usability
    ✓ HTML code quality
    ✓ Competitors analysis
    ✓ Analysis of internal links

    You will receive:

    a detailed documentation
    initial recommendations for action
    technical weaknesses identified
    search engine deficits highlighted

  3. Generate leads with SEA
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    Google, Facebook or LinkedIn ads: online advertising works! With online campaigns you can reach your new customers at the right time, in the right place, with the right message at calculable conditions. Ask us!

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    Here you can clearly benefit from our B2B expertise. We know how to prepare technically complex issues in a way that is easy to understand and search engine optimized.

    Whether you need search engine optimized texts, photos or videos – you can rely on our expertise.

    Websites are a relevant building block in your marketing mix. Even in the capital goods industry today, nothing works without online communication. It only plays a subordinate role whether you are only selling regionally or if you are an international company.

    Storytelling is an important stylistic device in times of information overload .

    We remember good stories because the brain stores them in long-term memory. “Talk” to your customers and prospects about the human aspects of your business. In doing so, you create a WE feeling that will bring you sympathy and, in the medium term, a stable customer relationship.

    What stories do you have to tell? We put them into the right narrative form for your successful online communication.

  5. What are the characteristics of a successful website today?
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    • it informs and shows your professional competence in a credible and authentic way
    • it reflects the image of your company
    • it generates new customers
    • it clearly stands out from the competition
    • it is easy to use
    • it is aesthetically pleasing
    • it is responsive – i.e. optimized for perfect display on smartphones, tablets and computers
    • it invites interactions
    • it allows easy contact
    • it shows references
    • it is fast – low loading times score points
    • it complies with all legal requirements
    • it is well programmed
    • it leaves the visitor with the feeling of being at the right address and wanting to come back

    In order to be able to advise you successfully, it is important that we know your marketing goals exactly. Within the limits of your budget, we will then find a sensible concept for optimizing your existing website (relaunch) or for a new website.

    As soon as the concept has been developed, we start implementing the design. Good web design is more than photos and text: content must be presented in a structured and aesthetic way in order to attract the attention of visitors. Emotions are not to be underestimated in the technical environment either – it is about giving the visitor a “good feeling” when visiting your website. Those who remember your online presence positively tend to turn to you instead of the competition.

    Putting up a new page once is not enough. To remain interesting, the content needs to be kept up to date. While we are happy to support you in generating new content, you can also change and maintain your website yourself at any time: We program with WordPress – the most widely used content management system (CMS) for professional websites.

  6. Achieve your marketing goals with online communication
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    Targeting customers is the key to driving traffic to your website and generating leads. Which online channels do you use to address your customers successfully today? Via newsletters, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Ads, banners or emails? We think it’s all about the right mix. Not all content is suitable for every channel. And not every way of communicating is right for every business. It is important to knit a plan with your goal and budget in mind, which can be flexibly adapted to changes if measures do not work as desired or new market opportunities arise.

  7. Online trade show - individual digital brand presence
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    Online trade shows, whether as a stand-alone event or accompanying an analogue event, offer numerous advantages: For exhibitors, who benefit from the inexpensive implementation and the uncomplicated traceability of leads. For visitors who save travel and accommodation costs. The environment is also one of the winners. Virtual trade fairs have a much smaller carbon footprint than conventional events.

    We would be happy to advise you on what your individual online trade fair solution can look like. Contact us!

  8. Conversion optimization and user experience
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    The decisive moment:

    Each prospect or prospect who visits your site has different motivators and demotivators that should be used well. Questions that arise, such as “Am I right here?” Or “Can I trust the provider?” must be answered in a split second. A positive answer determines the further course of the website visit. It decides whether the user bounces and tries the competition or gives your site a chance. This “website-customer dialogue” reflects the experience that the user associates with your company. In order to create a positive impression in the minds of your users, we work with a wide variety of technologies. One of them is the use of psychological heuristics (principles from behavioral psychology).
    Are you curious?

    Get to know us and our work with the following package:

    Package usability check of a page, e.g. the home page

    Examined aspects:
    ✓ Investigation according to psychological heuristics
    ✓ Investigation in terms of usability heuristics
    ✓ Detection of weak points
    ✓ Uncovering potentials
    ✓ Asking the right questions

    You will receive:
    a detailed documentation
    initial recommendations for action
    usability weaknesses identified
    demotivators identified

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